Belize Business and Economy

The Belize Government has promoted development by means of a mixed
economy in which the public sector has utilized foreign borrowing, mainly on
concessional terms, for infrastructure development as well as for private sector

The GDP growth has averaged 8% over the last three years with agriculture
still the major activity but with an increasing contribution from tourism. Its
agriculture economic performance is based on sugar, citrus and bananas. The
other significant exports are garments and marine products.

Belize benefits from a number of preferential market access arrangements
particularly with the US, Canada, and the European Economic Community
through its British links. The Ministry of Economy Development operates a
comprehensive investment system which is available to Belizean and foreign
investors alike. This provides for a tax exemption for up to 20 years and up to
100 per cent exemption from trade taxes on import of capital equipment and
raw materials.

Under this investment system there are no restrictions on the repatriation of
profits, dividends, fees, and capital (including capital gains) arising from foreign
investments in the country, provided all such investments are registered with
the Central Bank.


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